Tips for Technologists: Understanding XML/HTML/CSS

06/03/2013 / Nick Ruffilo

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Tip Level of Difficulty: Basic

This article is targeted at beginners but anyone who uses HTML can benefit from the concepts outlined.

Defining our terms

XML: eXtendable Markup Language. XML is a structured way of storing data by usingtags. A tag is simply a name wrapped in < >. <book> would be a book tag, <title> would be a title tag.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a specific and well defined XML structure. To summarize, it is a list of specific tags and their expected meaning.

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Nick Ruffilo

About the author

Nick Ruffilo is the CTO of, a digital publishing suite. He has been a technology entrepreneur for nearly 15 years working in publishing, finance, games, and entertainment.