The Lab

The Alliance Lab was created by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers to support independent publishers in their activities, reflections and digital practices. As a space of reflection, exchanges and discussions on digital bibliodiversity in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere, the Lab also offers digital tools adapted to the needs of independent publishers while respecting local ecosystems.

The Alliance Lab is built around four focus areas:

  • Tools and resources for professionals
  • Reflections and discussions on digital publishing, including innovative initiatives in the countries of the South (surveys and analysis);
  • Workshops (capacity building and peer exchanges on digital matters);
  • A personalised tutorial offered to member publishers of the Alliance.

The Lab is updated and facilitated by independent publishers, the team of the Alliance and also through partnerships with independent professional organisations and collectives from various continents.

The Alliance Lab is supported by the International Organisation of the Francophonie.
It has also received support from the Prince Claus Foundation.