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With over 20 million writers and readers throughout the world, Wattpad has become a platform to be reckoned with. Both established and new authors can write on Wattpad, while publishers use the site to promote their titles, share exclusive

Latin America has become fertile ground for digital publishing and experimentation with new formats. Brazil is certainly the leader in the region, but innovative actors are already emerging in other countries. On this occasion,

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Amazon has branched out across the world. It’s in China. It’s in India. It’s in Brazil. But ironically it is not open for business in one the largest and most influential countries much closer to home:…

Who dominates the Web? Most people’s answer would probably be: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo! and other Western giants. So, in most debates on digital publishing, e-commerce and social networks, speculation continues…

In 2007, Uruguay introduced the ambitious Ceibal Plan. With the objective of reducing the digital divide in mind, the State announced the distribution of more than 400,000 XO model laptops to 450,000 primary school teachers and learners.

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