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Children’s literature constitutes a very vibrant segment of the global book market. For technical and commercial reasons, publishing houses working in this field must make a big effort to keep up with the digital transition. One interesting

E-commerce is booming in the emerging countries. In the Arab world, despite obstacles related to e-payments, piracy and logistics, the potential of online sales is considerable. This is our interview with Salah Chebaro, director and

In the last 5 years, self-publishing has become a very dynamic segment within the global book market. Both international players – such as Amazon or Kobo – and local actors are offering varied services for authors willing to distribute

In recent years, Brazil has become a powerful player in e-publishing. The South American giant boasts a growing supply of e-books –provided by both local stores and  international platforms–, publishers that are already

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Developing countries, and in particular the BRICS, have for some years now proved irresistibly attractive to international companies. In these regions, a new middle class is thriving and demanding …

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