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The Lab has published a number of articles on digital publishing in the Arab world in recent years. Although new technologies offer enormous opportunities for the region, they are not without obstacles. Indeed, the technical difficulties

It is undeniable that the mobile Web can help to reduce the digital divide. Developments in this field have allowed greater access to Web content in numerous countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But what happens when it comes to creation

In Africa, traditional publishing has been facing numerous obstacles for decades. Within this context, digital publishing represents an obvious opportunity. Aware of these advantages, various international NGOs are offering

This article was co-published with Takam Tikou, the online journal dedicated to children’s publishing in Africa, the Arab world, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean (a publication by the National Centre for Children’s Literature

Since it was launched in 2001, Wikipedia has become an essential source of information, to such an extent that it ranks sixth among the world’s most visited websites. The publishing market has not remained immune to the rise of this new player:

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