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In digital publishing terms, China no doubt represents one of the world’s most dynamic hubs, and any innovation produced within this segment of Chinese industry is likely to have a global impact. However, the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs

Since it was launched in 2001, Wikipedia has become an essential source of information, to such an extent that it ranks sixth among the world’s most visited websites. The publishing market has not remained immune to the rise of this new player:

Children’s literature constitutes a very vibrant segment of the global book market. For technical and commercial reasons, publishing houses working in this field must make a big effort to keep up with the digital transition. One interesting

E-commerce is booming in the emerging countries. In the Arab world, despite obstacles related to e-payments, piracy and logistics, the potential of online sales is considerable. This is our interview with Salah Chebaro, director and

In the last 5 years, self-publishing has become a very dynamic segment within the global book market. Both international players – such as Amazon or Kobo – and local actors are offering varied services for authors willing to distribute

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